Pixels&Noise Marketing is a Creative Digital Marketing Agency based in Derbyshire & Hampshire

What We Do.

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Digital Marketing.

From Email Marketing, to Blog creation, Video and more, Digital Marketing is where we shine. We think outside the box when it comes to Digital Marketing. Its not just about being creative. Its about being clever creative.


We pride ourselves on great quality Web Development and our developers wont settle for anything less than perfect. With a ‘mobile-first’ strategy on our development, we can provide the ultimate solution for your web development projects with customer UX and conversion in mind.

Design & Branding.

We geek out over design. So much, that our graphic designer would take a PhD if he could! We believe in the perfect balance between design and UX and strive to get this balance every time.

Paid Advertising.

From Google AdWords, to Social Media Advertising, but only when its required. We’re able to assess your requirements and make sure that the Paid Advertising you think you require is actually the solution required, and of course which type. We specialise in Facebook Advertising, and run training workshops too!

How We Do It.


Lets sit down. Get the coffee in, its on us and work out the best strategy for your project. We’ll deep dive in to the project, work out the solution and how we can help.


We’ve worked out what we need to do, to make your project a success. So lets get that executed and ready to launch.


You’ve walked with us all the way through your project so far, and signed off what we have recommended. Now lets launch it.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ignition!

Measure & Improve

Lets take a look at your project. What is working well, what isnt working as well? If we can measure it, then we can work out the best way to improve it moving forward and get the most bang for your buck!

Digital Marketing Review

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Fully Responsive Designs & Builds

Like A Boss!

Your website needs to be ready to work in any situation. All of our website development projects are built with a ‘mobile-first’ attitude to ensure the best user experience across as many devices and browsers as possible.

About Us.

Creative. Driven. Talented.

Our pool of talented creatives have over 40 years collective experience within the industry, and we do our upmost to share all of our knowledge to create exciting possibilities for all of our clients.

Digital Marketing Consultancy95%
Digital Marketing Strategy.90%
Social Media Management.95%
Paid Advertising.90%
Design & Branding90%
Drinking Coffee.100%

Our mission is to create a closer bond between the consumer and our clients’ brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.

Andy Simpson - Founder & MD

Some of Our Clients.

Latest News.

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Work with us.

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