Go Responsive or Go Home

It is 2018, right?

Just checking because the other day I came across some websites that simply could not adapt to mobile screen size and I nearly threw my phone at the ground in protest.

Fortunately, I love my phone and kept my grip tight as I flayed my arms around instead at nobody in particular and got a few strange looks from other people.

Why did this get my back up so much?

Well, the answer is simple, I hate it when people have invested so much of their time and money into their business but then do their utmost to turn a customer away with their online presence despite seemingly having done all the hard work.

Quite simply, I am talking about the importance of responsive website design.

To put it in plain English, responsive website design is essentially an approach to web design which enables pages on a website to render and change layout to the correct size of the device that a user is using.

For example, a desktop version of site will be compacted on a website and if the responsive web design is done correctly, will ensure all the necessary information, navigation and general user interface is all displayed correctly within the correct gridlines.

In 2018, it is vital to have a responsive website as customer behaviour has changed so significantly over the years and now if your customer cannot use your site easily across multiple devices, they will find a competitor which they can use.

Mobile is King

The big shift occurred in 2016 when it emerged that for the first time, mobile web usage had overtaken desktop.

This made responsive web design even more important as an inability for your website to adapt can mean only one simple equation……… No responsive website = less customers = loss of revenue = mad panic.

Google will love you

Its not just your customers who will respond better to a responsive website, in 2015, Google introduced something called ‘recommendations’ which is related to responsive websites.

Google have started to reward sites that are fully optimised for mobile platforms and also uses a ‘friendliness’ rating which in turn helps with your organic ranking.

Responsive web design is all about enhancing your customer online experience across multiple devices and if you can do that, you will notice a healthy upturn in your bottom line.

Mobile friendly websites are a must in 2018 and if yours isn’t, I implore you to take action as it is your business that will suffer.

I ask for one favour, check to see if your site is the best it can be and if it isn’t or you’re not quite sure, then give me a shout at shout@pixelsandnoise.marketing or even give me a call on 01629 828297 or 01252 214001.

All the websites that we design at Pixels&Noise are built with a ‘mobile-first attitude’ to ensure you get the most from your online presence.

It’s quite simple, its time to go responsive with your web design, or go home!