Introducing TradePress

For the past few months, we have noticed more and more small to medium size business do not currently have a website, and a huge percentage of these businesses were small to medium size trade businesses such as Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers etc.

So, we got thinking on this – and came to the conclusion on something that we already know; Web Design and Development isn’t cheap, it costs thousands of pounds to design and develop a website that truly reflects businesses. But… we took a step back and went to the drawing board… and I’m really pleased to introduce our latest product, ‘TradePress’ the low cost website for small to medium trades businesses. We have spent the past few months building a custom WordPress based template which is specifically aimed at trades businesses allowing them to get their own website online for a cost that is a fraction of what other agencies will charge.

For just £999, we can now offer a fully designed and set up website including a domain name, email addresses and support to trades businesses in the UK! There’s no catch either – we’ll take care of everything for you, all you need to provide us with is a list of services you offer and a write up of each service – we can even help with this too. And all this can be completed within just a few days!

Being able to offer this low cost trades website is something that we’ve been getting excited to be able to offer for a number of weeks now and we’re looking forward to being able to get more trades businesses online to help gain more business.

If you run a trades business then we would love to hear from you and to take you through a demonstration of the TradePress product and how we can get you online in a matter of days!

Get in touch with us on 01629 828297 or drop us an email on