Let Battle Commence: Agency vs In-House

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the blue corner wearing agency shorts with the white trim is a team of professionals ready and waiting to give their full attention to bespoke digital marketing, branding and media campaigns.

…….And in the red corner we have the in-house team wearing the blue collars and armed with 20 day’s holiday per year and sick days.

Let the battle commence in the ultimate contest between agency and in-house over three gruelling rounds to determine which is best for your business when it comes to your digital marketing, web, branding and social media needs.

Ding Ding

Round One: Presence

Let’s make one thing clear before the first punch is thrown, ensuring your digital, branding and general web presence is on point is the difference between success and failure.

After all, this is 2018 and considering two years ago, 89% of the adult population in the UK was regularly using the internet (According to the Office for National statistics and that figure has risen), it means no matter who your customer is, they are looking for you right now via the internet or social media.

If you’re not there or you fail to convey the right message, the knockout blow is to your bottom line.

If you already have everything in place, great! But is it doing enough for you?

For example, as a business owner, do you know: –

  • how many website hits are you getting a day?
  • Where your digital traffic comes from?
  • Cost per Acquisition?
  • Return on Investment?

If you have an in-house team but do not know these things then you have a problem, an agency will report on everything that brings value to your online presence and present it in a way that makes sense but more importantly, will show you why it is working for you.

Ding Ding

Round Two: Cost

At the end of the day it all comes down to money, right?

Now there are two scenarios here.

  1. You already have a digital marketing team
  2. You do not have a digital marketing team.

If you fall into category one, great. Having an in-house team allows the people in the marketing team to really integrate with the company and focus solely on delivering that message for 35 hours a week.

But you need to ensure you have the right team in place and that can be costly both in a wage scenario and recruitment process.

However, scenario two is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Do you go through the hiring process to create your own in-house team? It would be useful right? But is it cost effective?

Those with endless capital in the bank then yes it does make sense but those needing to make an impact now without breaking the bank and wasting time then the answer is no.

Hiring your own team requires an adjustment period, holiday’s, national insurance payments and that’s only if it works out.

Hiring an agency to deal with everything takes all of that aggravation away whilst allowing you to retain control of your campaign by working closely with your own designated account manager.

Oh, and did I mention you don’t have to pay for holiday’s!!

Ding Ding

Round Three: Staff Retention

As with most things, staff retention relates to costs and also to time.

Millennials will have changed job on average four times before they reach the age of 32, that means if you are lucky, you will manage to hold onto each member of staff for three years.

However, the reality is probably less.

When an in-house member of staff leaves, they must be replaced, integrated into the team and then continuously trained.

By employing an agency, guess what? That’s not your problem anymore!

Ding Ding: End of the fight.

And the winner is…….. Agency

Of course, you will call us biased and there is an element of that, but the simple truth is at Pixels&Noise we exist to ensure your marketing, branding, social etc is the very best it can be otherwise we wouldn’t be very good at what we do.

So why not get in touch today by emailing us at shout@pixelsandnoise.marketing to see how we can help you today.