The Key to Success: Coffee

Did you know that 95 million cups of coffee are drank each day in the UK?

Yep, someone actually commissioned that study!

Pretty crazy, right?… However, perhaps not.

Look around your workplace right now and look to see how many people have a mug on their desk.

The kettle in any office has become the central social hub of any organisation and it is here that often the best ideas and best advice is freely given out and hopefully heeded.

That is certainly the case at Pixels&Noise Marketing and that is one of the reasons we list it as one of our many skills.

But wait, before you call in the men with the straitjackets, there is method to the madness.

You see, coffee and the social interaction is so important to how a company operates it almost becomes its own internal media house and has become all about engagement.

Imagine what you could achieve externally if you could create that ‘kettle club’ culture in your companies messaging via channels such as Social Media and your website copy?

These two channels are often the first point of interaction many people will have with your organisation, so you want to resonate with the right people and make them feel comfortable in your presence before you have even shared a verbal word.

If you can achieve that, your ability to engage new customers and generate new leads will substantially increase organically.

But you have to get your content on point.

With this in mind, we invite you to join us for a cup of coffee to discuss whether you feel you are getting the most out of your companies messaging at critical points of a potential new customer’s journey.

If you are happy then great, keep going but give us a shout for a brew anyway. But if you feel work needs to be done, then get in touch today on or call us in our offices today and we will get a discovery coffee session in the diary to make your kettle the centre of your organisation.