Making All the WRITE Moves

Do you see what we did there in the title?

Aren’t we clever with our smart play on words. Well, no, but we like to think so anyway. However, we are going somewhere with this.

Let’s kick this off by asking you a question…

What makes you click through on an article? Is it an eye-catching image, snazzy title or just an engaging topic you already have an interest in?

You see, everyone can write, that is a skill we are lucky enough to learn in the UK from a young age but formulating a story to be captivating, thought provoking, and something that makes a person want to react is where writing becomes more something we can all do, to something of an art form.

What you have to say to your market is critical and how you say it then defines the tonality of a company.

Let me give you an example in advertising.

In 2016, Gym franchise Fit4Less ran an advertising campaign saying: –

“The Aliens are coming and when they do they will take the fat ones first”.

Pretty offensive you might say and if a chain such as Virgin Active or David Lloyd had done the same thing, it may well have spelled the end of their business.

However, the Fit4less brand is all about affordable fun, tongue in cheek much like the bookmaker Paddy Power.

And guess what, Fit4less gained national exposure through the BBC and other media outlets in a campaign that ended up paying dividends.

Now, we are not saying you should copy this message, however, you should identify how you want your brand to be perceived and whether your content is backing up what you want.

If it is not, then you may be missing out on some golden marketing chances to break into a new type of customer/client.

If you are unsure whether you feel your content is hitting all the right marks, or you feel it may be time for a brand overhaul, then come and talk to us.

We have a team that is ready and eager to help you transform or just adapt your message to make sure you have consistency and a strong message throughout your company.

Drop us an email on or feel free to give us a buzz on 01629 828297 and we can have a good chat about what it is you need and how we can help your business messaging.