Tackling GDPR with Mailchimp

25th May 2018 – a date that is going to shake up the email marketing strategies of every online business in the EU.

But have you done what you need to get your existing lists compliant? It doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s very easy.

We thought we would share a quick simple way to ensure you are complying to GDPR regulations if you use MailChimp. This morning we sent out our very own email marketing campaign to ensure that the recipients on our Mailchimp lists actually want to be contacted by us and remain recipients of our email marketing activities.

We kept it simple, we’ve created a new list, created a simple form using the form builder for that list and included the Mailchimp GDPR fields on that form. Then we have simply sent an email to our existing email marketing list asking them if they would be kind enough to confirm that they would like to remain on our lists by filling out the simple form. We said….

With the upcoming implementation of GDPR, we are in the process of updating all of our email marketing lists. We want to make sure that everyone that is currently on our mailing list actually wants to receive mail from us. So we’re asking just a little favour. If you would like to stay subscribed to our email marketing to receive awesome updates, offers, tips, tricks and more then please visit the following link and fill out the form to stay subscribed. We’d really appreciate it.

If you would like to be removed from our list, then we’d be sad to see you go but that’s no problem, there is no action required and we will be purging our old email lists on the 24th May.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

That’s it – no bells, no whistles, keeping it simple and easy for people to make sure they are happy being on our marketing lists. Mailchimp have made this very easy, and they should definitely receive some credit for that too.

If you would like any assistance with GDPR compliance, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can assist you with the transition. Get in touch with us on 01252 214001 or email us on shout@pixelsandnoise.marketing