What is your Brand Identity and Are you Missing a Trick?

Who Are You and Are You Missing a Trick?

Here’s a quick question.

Who are you?

Simple enough but really have a think.

No, I don’t mean you are John Smith living in London married to Sally, I mean what is your business story? What is your business identity?

In business, we all have an idea of how we want to be perceived in the public eye and to future customers. Branding and messaging are vital aspects of building a business and more often than not the cornerstone of starting to reach out to prospects. But there is more to it than a nice-looking logo and catchy slogan.

You probably have had your elevator pitch nailed down for many years now and that’s great when in front of people. But are you confident you are getting that message across when people are searching for you organically or through paid advertising and you have a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes to capture their attention?

This has never been more important than now as a purchasing report published by KPMG highlighted that 59% of consumers said an online channel as their first touch point of awareness of a product or brand.

What the potential customer does next depends on you and your messaging and how it resonates with them. This is where the trick lies and ensuring you understand how the consumer works online as opposed to offline separates the ‘men from the boys’ so to speak. Your content is one of the 6c’s of enticing consumers and that does include your branding and verbal perception to the market place. Your potential new customer wants to know more about you than just a snazzy logo (although that is important) as you will be compared to your competitors.

In fact, 54% of consumers added that the ability to compare was one of the reasons they searched the web for a solution to their problem.

Here at Pixels&Noise, we pride ourselves on our ability to really get to know who you are and how to convey your branding and user experience to ensure you turn those first few precious seconds into minutes and give yourself every chance of winning new business with the first hurdle cleared.

Our graphic design team are self-confessed geeks and won’t stop until the job is done to the highest degree and coupled with our content team (who come with the highest pedigree) you are on to a winner.

So why not get in touch today for a coffee and chat (We also love a biscuit) about how we may be able to help your brand get the first impression it deserves – get in touch with us on email on shout@pixelsandnoise.marketing or give us a call on 01629 828297 or 01252 214001